Sunday, November 3, 2013

Talking Points #7: Separate is not Equal

Free Response

I believe that what Tim wise and Bob Herbert both had to say about racial integration are very similar to the issues that the United states had faced at the time of Brown v. Board of Education. Tim Wise made an valid accusation that we do not have a "truly equal opportunity society", and that black people have to be truly exceptional in order to receive the same acknowledgment and power as mediocre white people do. This was true in the past when only extraordinarily intelligent African americans became lawyers and doctors and other high class positions, and is also true now during the time of Obama's presidency. Tim Wise makes a good point when he speaks about many different white politicians who have extremely bad track records who are where they're at, and that you don't see black people with similar records in the same positions. I agree with him when he says that white people were in denial in the 1950's when they were asked if they thought black student's received the same educational opportunities as white students, and that they still are today. Bob Herbert raises the issue of racial integration in schools and explains that because of "...residential patterns, housing discrimination, economic disparities, and long-held custom", schools are still segregated in the United States today. Schools are still segregated much like they were in the past, which gives very little meaning to the ruling of the Brown v. Board of Education case. Low-income students who live in areas of poverty, many of whom are black or latino, all get sent to one school. Middle and high class students, who are mostly white, get sent to other schools in their own areas. Herbert explains that intelligence not about the race of the students, but the environment in which they are learning. If schools are still segregated among the country, they are definitely not equal. 


  1. Hi Cara,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I thought that the last sentence of your blog summed up exactly what we read about this week. I also liked how you differentiated between the low-income students and the middle/ upper class students. The picture you used was also great in relating to your post!

  2. Cara,

    That reference to Wise is so powerful: "black people have to be truly exceptional in order to receive the same acknowledgement as mediocre whites." To then extend inward to politicians who get away will breaking most of the commandments while Blacks have to keep a clean record in order to get anywhere is a perfect way to show how this is still an issue today. And so yes, we are clearly, still in denial of what's going on, just like they were in 1950.

  3. Hi Cara,

    I thought your blog was very well written. I thought you you compared what Tim Wise and Bob Herbert had to say very well to the Brown vs. Board of education. Well Done!

  4. Hi Cara,

    I think you made some really good connections with the Tim Wise piece. I especially like the part at the end of your post when you said that intelligence is not based on the race of the student but the environment in which they are put into. Environment can have a much bigger impact than most people think. Great post!