Sunday, October 6, 2013

Talking Points #3: Safe Spaces


Tonight, the article "Safe Spaces: Making Schools and Communities Welcoming to LGBT Youth" by Annemarie Vaccaro, Gerri August, and Megan S. Kennedy really made me realize that the high school, and especially the middle school that I attended did an awful job at discussing anything to do with the LGBT lifestyle. Much like Maria's Spanish professor, both my middle school and college Spanish teachers and professors have all refused to acknowledge the fact that homosexuality even exists. Whenever relationships were discussed, it was always between a man and a woman. LGBT historical figures were ignored and unacknowledged. It was, however, alright to discuss heterosexual historical figures who had had several affairs throughout their lifetime. Things like that are mentioned, but LGBT individuals aren't talked about. After reading the article, I did some research on the Stonewall riots (yes, I had to research them--because they were never once mentioned in any of my History courses). I had no idea that these riots had even taken place, and yet they had such a huge impact on the gay rights movement in the United States! That's crazy to me. I knew that the Gay Pride celebrations were every summer, but I didn't know that they were at the end of June to celebrate the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Needless to say, "Safe Spaces" brought an undiscussed topic to light. I someday hope to be a Kindergarten teacher, and after reading the story of teacher Zeke Lerner on page 89, I've realized that it's important to integrate different family lifestyles into the communication and curriculum in the classroom- even when the children are young. Children should be accepting and aware of everyone, and they should know that it is okay.

Upon researching, I found this to be very interesting.


  1. Hi Cara,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. You made some great points! I love how you used personal experiences to relate to the article. I am sad to say that I also had to look up the Stonewall Riots, as well. It is a shame that such an important part of history, especially for the LGBT community has been left out of our History lessons.
    Great job on your post! ~Dorothy

  2. Glad you were inspired to do some research, and also glad that reading this made you angry about the missing pieces in your own education. Zeke is a great model for an aspiring kindergarten teacher!!

  3. I agree with you on how in school your teachers did not do a good job of explaining and talking about LGBT. In fact I feel the same I honestly had no clue what these letters even meant until reading this article.